Dr Thomas Bier         Twiskenweg43b                                                               D 26129  Oldenburg   Germany                                                      Tel/Fax                                           0(049)44153881         emails:                    thomas.bier@gmail.com                                                            044153881@t-online 

This page displays some of my work in pure and applied mathematics.

Here is a brief history:

2006          jobless again

1997-2006 associate Professor of Mathematics, University of Malaya, K.L. Malaysia 

1996-1997 Senior Lecturer for Mathematics at University of Sheffield  UK      

1995          visiting Professor at Dep of Math, University Ulm, Germany 

1994          visiting Researcher at Dep of Math, University Bielefeld, Germany

1992-1993  visiting Researcher at Max Planck Inst. for Mathematics Bonn Germany

1984-1990  Senior Lecturer for Mathematics at University of Singapore

1983           visiting Researcher at Northwestern University, Chicago, USA      

1976-1982 and 1984 assistant Professor at Dep of Math, Univ. Göttingen

1979          PhD in Pure Math (alg topology) from the University Göttingen W-Germany

1952           born in Westerstede, W-Germany

Since 1997 Editorial Board Member of South East Asian Bulletin                                of Mathematics  (Springer Verlag)

Co-organizer and Invited Speaker of Several Conferences